Air - Conditioning Mechanics


To educate trainees on a/c refrigeration technology and training them practically to play the role of an efficient a/c refrigeration technician.

    Health and safety

  • Definition of health and safety
  • Dangers in establishment
  • Tools and personal protection
  • Accidents and diseases of work
  • Fires, causes and ways to protection from it
  • First aids
  • Basic mechanical skills

  • Measuring, marking and filing skills
  • Sawing and Steel Sheets work Skills
  • Drilling, Making holes and Manual Screwing Skills
  • General Electrical Basics

  • Electrical tools and wires
  • Electrical circuit and electrical measurements
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning basics

  • Equipment used in refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Forming and assembly copper pipes
  • Cooling circuit
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning basics

  • Ordinary household refrigerators
  • Advanced household refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Water Coolers
  • Room air conditioners (window)
  • Room air conditioner (split)
  • Geometric drawing

  • Tools used in geometric drawing and lines types
  • Simple geometric processes
  • Drawing regular geometric shapes in different ways
  • Engineering perspective and recognizing the triple pillar and geometric sectors


  • Communicate inEnglish language.
  • Calculate technical mathematics.
  • Work on general Computer application.
  • Explain and apply health and safety procedures while working to maintain a safe working atmosphere.
  • Demonstrate basic mechanical skills.
  • Explain the basics of electricity.
  • Carry out erection and dismantling of scaffoldings.
  • Locate and perform isolation and lockout.
  • Identify refrigeration compressors, condensers, evaporators and their application.
  • Illustrate sketches and calculations.
  • Set out and install the components of a refrigerator system.
  • Install wirings.
  • Describe and install types of air conditioning systems.
  • Carry out measurement and testing.
  • Our Commitment.
  • Perform alteration, repair and maintenance.