Candidates who would like to apply to enroll on a ITTS Training program must apply registration and application form, upon completion of the application form, applicants should wait to receive an invitation regarding admission exams and personal interview.

Below more information about the admissions application process:

1. Registration Application

Candidates should make an application only if they meet the minimum requirements. We only accept completed applications that include the grades of at least school term.

2. Application Screening

All completed applications are screened thoroughly against ITTS admission requirements. All rejected applicants are notified.

3. Admission documents and assessments

All eligible applicants are invited to sit for a mathematics and English assessment, and conduct a personal interview. Applicants should bring their admission documents to be submitted on the same day as the interview.

4. Application Evaluation

The admission department will make recommendations regarding the qualified applicants through an internal process based on the admission assessments results and high school grades. The duration of this process will vary from one applicant to another based on different factors.

5. Final Decision

The admission committee will announce the admission decisions in an adequate time. Each accepted applicant will be contacted and sent the admission offer. Rejected candidates will be notified too.

Required Documents:

The following documents are required as part of the admissions process: 

  • A completed Registration application form.
  • Copy of Oman Identity Card (One Copy).
  • A MOP Letter.
  • A copy of High School certificate. 
  • Picture (One copy).

Important notes:

  • Copies printed onto A4 paper should be submitted, unless otherwise stated. Original documents maybe requested for verification.
  • Please provide the school’s grading scale equivalency where required.
  • Applications with missing documents will not be accepted.