Construction Supervisor (New)


The trainee is expected after the completion of the program to be able to:

  1. Follow the HSE guidelines and instructions.
  2. Professional ethics and practices
  3. Developing the skills of communication with others in English
  4. The use of measurement tools and the marking and the receipt of works have been carried out in the right and correct manner

- Carry out the plans and programs of the company in the jurisdiction of the extensions, taking into account the preventive maintenance activities according to the approved procedures and instructions issued by the supervising engineer. Substantive programs to ensure their readiness and effectiveness.

    Main Units

  • Working Safely and Effectively in Engineering
  • Interpreting and Using Engineering
  • Mathematics for Engineering Technicians
  • Engineering Maintenance Procedures
  • Selecting Engineering Materials
  • Engineering Marking Out
  • Workplace Organisation and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Engineering Assembly Methods and Techniques
  • Applied Electrical and Mechanical Science for Engineering
  • Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Systems and Components
  • Introduction to building work - processing
  • Execution of construction works
  • Introduction of plastering works
  • Preparation for plastering works
  • plastering works for walls
  • Introduction to tile works
  • Preparation for tile works
  • Preparation for tile works ( continued )
  • Works of tile walls and floors
  • Processing materials and elements for plumbing
  • Installation of sanitary equipment
  • Definition of paints and materials used
  • Processing and execution of paint works
  • Reading of engineering drawings (maps )
  • Follow up the implementation of the initial works of carpentry
  • Follow-up of the implementation of preliminary works concrete molds
  • Examination and receipt of rebar works
  • Follow up the implementation of final works and finishes
  • Supervisory work on site & reading engineering drawings


The trainee will be able to:

  • Speak English, express himself, understand simple conversations, learn technical terms, equipment’s names and tools
  • Simple calculations, measurements and conversions - Calculate spaces for different shapes
  • Read graphics and simple diagrams
  • Knowledge of labor laws and knowledge of the skills and behavior of successful work in the workplace and effective cooperation with colleagues
  • Implementation of measurement, marking, refraction, punching and hand-welding using the appropriate tool, taking into account health and safety procedures.
  • Implementation of all skills related to the work of plastic and iron pipes and channels. The apprentice learns the principles and instructions of occupational health and safety and applies them when carrying out the works.
  • Be able to know the computer and its components and how to deal with the computer and its applications.
  • Be able to define the responsibilities of local authority employees related to construction work.
  • Knowledge of receipt and reading of structural drawings.
  • Can read and interpret graphics.
  • Know the distribution of works to be implemented on the work site.
  • Can assume the responsibilities of workers in the workplace and the rights and duties of workers.
  • Know the importance of good working relationships and the factors that affect workplace relations at the workplace.
  • Record notes and violations found during the implementation of the work
  • Provide daily, weekly and monthly reports on the progress of the work on the site.
  • Can receive construction works completed at the work site