To educate trainees on electrical technology and develop their practical skills, to enable trainees to be a professional electrician with efficient skills and knowledge.

    Main Units

  • Occupational health and safety in the work environment
  • Basic electrical skills
  • Basic mechanical skills
  • Tools ,instruments and materials
  • P.V.C pipes work
  • Types of Electric Current and Electric Circuits
  • Electrical measuring devices
  • Checking and Testing Electrical Installations
  • Checking and Testing Electrical Installations
  • Three phase electrical current and methods of distribution
  • Electrical Transformers
  • Electrical Motors
  • Discovering defects in Electrical Circuits
  • Electrical Maps
  • On job training


  • Communicate inEnglish language.
  • Calculate technical mathematics.
  • Work on general Computer application.
  • Explain and apply health and safety procedures while working to maintain a safe working atmosphere.
  • Demonstrate basic mechanical and electrical skills.
  • Identify tools, instruments and materials.
  • Explain PVC pipes work.
  • Identify and explain different types of current and electric circuits.
  • Operate electrical measuring equipment.
  • Describe electrical circuit and carry out installation.
  • Checking and testing electrical installation
  • Explain three phase electrical current and distribution methods.
  • Describe electrical motors and transformers.
  • Identify defects in electrical circuits.
  • Interpret electrical maps.
  • Perform work on sites.