Electrical Arc Welder


To enable the trainees be a professional welder with proficient knowledge and skill.

    Main Units

  • Occupational health and safety - work's relationships
  • Occupational health and safety – first aid
  • Computer applications
  • Hand skills – marking out
  • Hand skills – cutting and filing of metal
  • Hand skills – using scissors and hacksawing
  • Metal riveting
  • Drilling and threading
  • General English
  • Technical English
  • Materials properties
  • Gas cutting equipment - gas cutting processes
  • Gas cutting equipment - pipes chamfering and cutting
  • mathematics
  • Engineering and technical drawing
  • welding machines – basic types
  • welding machines – accessories
  • Arc welding processes – meaning of M.M.A.W.
  • Arc welding processes – practical works
  • welding electrodes
  • Different joints welding – welding symbols and codes
  • different joints welding – positions
  • Common welding defects – welding defects
  • Common welding defects – inspection and test


  • Communicate inEnglish language.
  • Calculate technical mathematics.
  • Work on general Computer application.
  • Explain and apply health and safety procedures while working to maintain a safe working atmosphere.
  • Design and interpret engineering drawings.
  • Demonstrate hand skills in marking out, cutting and filling of metal, using scissors and hacksawing.
  • Perform metal riveting.
  • Describe and demonstrate drilling and threading.
  • Explain material properties.
  • Handle gas cutting equipment and different cutting procedures.
  • Explain different types of welding machines and its accessories.
  • Explain arc welding process and demonstrate practical works.
  • Describe different welding electrodes and its application.
  • Interpret welding symbols and codes.
  • Perform different joints in welding.
  • Explain common welding defects.
  • Describe inspection and testing procedures.