Industrial Equipment Maintenance Mechanics


To make the trainees able to maintain machineseffectively.

    Main Units

  • English language
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Work ethics
  • Computer applications
  • Engineering drawing
  • Mechanical hand fittings
  • Machine operations
  • Mechanical maintenance basics
  • Mechanical parts and maintenance
  • Industrial equipment maintenance


  • Communicate inEnglish language.
  • Explain and apply health and safety procedures while working to maintain a safe working atmosphere.
  • Follow and maintain work ethics.
  • Handle basic computer applications and software.
  • Design and interpret engineering drawings.
  • Demonstrate mechanical hand fittings.
  • Describe and perform machine operations.
  • Explain the basics of mechanical maintenance.
  • Interpret mechanical parts and carry out its maintenance.
  • Explain and carry out industrial equipment maintenance.