Omanization Program

    ITTS wants to point out that the Omanization Program through training in the private sector is favorable, whether you are classified as a local or an international company. The advantages are as follows:

  • Your company will be certified Omanized, according to the mandate of the Ministry of Manpower, thus guarantees your company to ease obtaining clearance from the Ministry of Manpower.
  • In the duration of the candidates’ training at ITTS, they will be registered on your company as employ- ees without paying any salary from your part.
  • Selection of the candidates can either be direct from the company or from ITTS. The company has the right to select candidates.
  • ITTS courses and trainings feature a balance fusion of theory, practical application and industry best practice, to meet the needs of the companies, as well as the competencies of the trainees. We also aim to provide an optimum support to the fast growing industries to which we cater.

    ITTS is ready to facilitate your employment through training in most technical or administrative Profession Recruitment through training procedures:

  • The company must make an official request letter to ITTS stating the technical trade and number of trainees they need. Company must include in the request letter: the offered salary and the benefits that they could provide to each candidate.
  • ITTS will provide candidates from the list of job seekers, from the Ministry of Manpower and PDO or the company.
  • Potential candidates will be short-listed and will be notified for an interview at ITTS.
  • After coming up with a list of successful candidates, ITTS will then prepare the contract which will be signed by the applicant and his legal guardian, the company and ITTS approved by the financial body and the Ministry of Manpower.
  • The sponsor company has to register each candidate with the Public Authority for Social Insur- ance and takeovers the insurance fees coverage for both parties from the first day of up to the last day of training.
  • After all these steps undertaken, the company shall then be automatically omanized.
  • ITTS notifies the selected candidates on the start of the training course.
  • ITTS provides a monthly report on the academic performance, behavior and attendance of the trainees.
  • The company representatives can visit the institute for the evaluation of their trainees, faculty and/ or the institute facilities or at any matter that may concern their trainees, in any times.
  • The company makes commitments to employ the trainees after completion the course successfully
  • with the agreed salary and benefits.
  • The trainee makes commitment to work minimum one year or as regulations.