Long Duration Programs with (ITTS) certification (for Omanization)

  • Electrical ( Electrical / Electronic Engineering)
  • Plumbing
  • Pipe-Fitting
  • AC & Refrigeration
  • Welding
  • Construction ( construction and the built environment )
  • Scaffolding
  • Health, Safety & Environment Courses
  • Or any technical trade course required by the company
Scaffolding Erecting & Dismantling :

The overall aim is to develop in trainees an understanding of scaffold components, forms of construction and inspection procedures of basic access scaffolds. The course will give trainees an understanding of:

  • Health and Safety at Work
  • Work at Height Regulations
  • Scaffold Terminology
  • Scaffold Materials
  • Means of Access
  • Gin Wheels and Ropes
  • Scaffold Ties
  • Construction Regulations and Recommendations of Basic Scaffolds.
  • Scaffolding Construction

The objective of plumbing training program is to give trainees a well-rounded foundation in plumbing technology concepts, a basic understanding of the materials, tools and processes, trainees learn safe-work practices, hand and power tool identification and operation, as well as the common fixtures and components used to assemble water. The course will give trainees an understanding of:

  • Tools and materials required to install and repair residential plumbing systems
  • Cover basic safety precautions including equipment used to protect plumbers while on the job
  • Practice the assembly and construction of standard water supply and piping systems, as well as water-based appliances
Pipe fitting:

The objective of Pipe fitting training program is progressive introduction to the techniques and practices of the pipefitting; the program covers the most common piping systems in use today and stresses proper safety precautions throughout. The programs explain piping joints, fittings, offsets, flanges, gaskets, and accessories as well as how to record pipe measurements according to industry standards, read piping drawings, and thread pipe.

The course will give trainees an understanding of:
  • Pipe system types and design
  • Piping equipment and materials
  • Safety protocols and standards
  • Measuring and basic math for pipe fitters
  • Practical skills needed to do basic welding
AC & Refrigeration

To educate trainees on a/c refrigeration technology and training them practically to play the role of an efficient a/c refrigeration technician.

  • Communicate in English language.
  • Calculate technical mathematics.
  • Work on general Computer application.
  • Explain and apply health and safety procedures while working to maintain a safe working atmosphere.
  • Demonstrate basic mechanical skills.
  • Explain the basics of electricity.
  • Carry out erection and dismantling of scaffoldings.
  • Locate and perform isolation and lockout.
  • Identify refrigeration compressors, condensers, evaporators and their application.
  • Illustrate sketches and calculations.
  • Set out and install the components of a refrigerator system.
  • Install wirings.
  • Describe and install types of air conditioning systems.
  • Carry out measurement and testing.
  • Perform alteration, repair and maintenance.

The objective of welding training program is to enable a trainees to weld using GAS (oxyacetylene), ARC (shielded metal arc welding), MIG (gas metal arc), and TIG (gas tungsten arc)

The course will give trainees an understanding of:
  • Demonstrate safe operation for a welding process
  • Identify, explain and demonstrate welding concepts
  • Select the proper filler metal to weld materials
  • Demonstrate how use gas-welding equipment
  • Demonstrate cutting steel with oxy/fuel cutting equipment
  • Demonstrate cutting steel with Shielded Metal Arc Welding.
Auto CAD:

AutoCAD is the leading tool in design and drafting for industries including Engineering, planning, architecture and design

The objective of AutoCAD Training Program is to teach users the basic commands and tools necessary for professional 2D & 3D drawing, design and drafting using AutoCAD, The training program will also develop knowledge of using shortcuts and improve productivity with industry tricks and hints.

The course will give trainees an understanding of:
  • Use AutoCAD for daily working process.
  • Navigate throughout AutoCAD using major navigating tools.
  • Understand the concept and techniques to draw.
  • Create layers to control the objects’ visibility.
  • Plot or print the drawing by scale.
  • Be able to render all type of drawings.
Electrical (Electrical /Electronic Engineering)

The objective of Electrical Training Program is develop basic and specialized skills in the electricity, wiring system, electrical panels, electrical equipment, maintenance and repair of electrical appliances.

The course will give trainees an understanding of:
  • Perform electrical joints and terminations.
  • Build simple electric circuits.
  • Construct power supply circuits.
  • Draft and operate wiring circuit.
  • Draw electrical diagrams
  • Interpret electrical diagrams
  • Make installation
  • Install electrical machines and control switch gears.
  • Perform electrical maintenance.
  • Manage resources.
  • Maintain health and safety at place of work.