MOMP: Directorate General of Occupational Standards and Curricula Development

The Institute of Technical Training services (ITTS) work under the supervision of the Directorate General of Occupational Standards and Curricula Development, Which is assigned to it: licenses regulates and supervises private training institutions and implemented training programs in the various commercial, industrial, crafts areas and special programs, and works towards minimizing the gap between general knowledge and applied skills, according to the requirements of the labor market. This is realized through guidance and direct supervision, field visits, follow up of the implementation of training programs at these institutions and training quality assurance, whether this training is offered through government subsidized programs, or private programs implemented at the expense of individuals and establishments.

The Directorate General of Professional Standards and Curriculum Development consists of:


  • Private Training Institutions Department

    It undertakes the responsibility of endorsing the establishment of private training institutes, centers and units and renewal of their licenses.

  • Occupational Standards Control Department

    This department assesses, classifies and follows up private training institutions, with the aim of obtaining high quality of the training output, through adopting a clear specific policy, to ensure compliance of private training institutions with the training quality assurance standards endorsed by the directorate.

  • Curricula Development Department

    The Curricula Development Department designs and develops training programs and educational curricula of private training institutions, in coordination with the concerned authorities, in line with the endorsed occupational standards. It also tailors and manages a national testing and qualification system, in cooperation with the OSTC.