KSQ Visit

KSQ-Republic Korean Delegation Visit:

A delegation from the National Training Fund, accompanied by a delegation from the Korea Association of Skills and Qualification, attended:

- SUNHA KIM - First Secretary / Embassy of the Republic Korea
- Jeon, Hwa-ICK Ph. D.
- Kim, Un Duck - Global Institute for Transferring Skills to the HRD KOREA / MOEL

Visited the Institute of Technical Training Services, in order to discuss with the local training provider bodies, different vocational training issue , and identify the mechanism, and the difficulties facing this process, and to discuss the best solutions to implement the real work oriented vocational applied training programs.

A deep dialogue has implemented on international accreditation of the training programs, and the importance of adopting local training standards.

This visit has been Followed by another visit by:
- Cho, Jeong Yoon Ph.D. - President of KSQ to continue further dialogues.