Oman society for Petroleum Services

OPAL – Oman society for Petroleum Services is the first Society in Oman’s Petroleum Industry to be officially approved and registered in the Sultanate of Oman, on 27 October, 2001 under the regulations governing the formation of societies with the Ministry of Social Development. OPAL started as a concept in 1998, where by like-minded companies embarked on a vision to promote the industry standards and create level playing field.

OPAL is the industry forum society for Oman’s Petroleum Industry. It is a non-profit organization. Its more than 400 members are made up of Oil & Gas companies, including Oil & Gas Producers & Operators, Contractors and Suppliers – large and small.

OPAL aims to provide a single umbrella body to agree and promote standards of work competence and professionalism, with the vision of raising the standards of the Oman Petroleum Industry to become world class, internationally competitive, and optimize industries resources.

Standard for Training Approval and Recognition

ITTS is an OPAL STAR training provider, with Gold Grade, The OPAL STAR Provider was launched in 2017, at the request of the operating companies, to drive standardization and quality into the private and public training providers who provide services to the Oil and Gas sector. The STAR Provider Standard builds on OPAL’s mandate for standardization and human capital development excellence. The four pillars of

the OPAL STAR Provider Standards are:
  • Quality assurance
  • Standardized course content
  • Standardized delivery
  • Standardized cost

The OPAL STAR Provider Standard creates a level playing field for training providers as well as providing quality assurance to employing companies.

Learning Hub is one of the Ministry of Oil and Gas Human Resource ICV committee initiatives stewardship by OPAL.

This platform aimed to;
  • Support the industry by setting the minimum operational standards for Training Providers across the sector to ensure delivery quality and effectiveness are maintained by conducting regular inspections and audits.
  • Support the industry Training Providers, driving efficiency, effectiveness and quality by providing a centralized entity.
  • Support learners by assisting with the administration of the Apprenticeship programs, securing sponsorship pledges and assisting them to achieve professional recognition through a network of internationally recognized professional institutes (IMechE, IET, IChemE, InstMC..)