Our Commitment

ITTS is committed to fostering inclusivity, equality and life-long learning by enhancing services which assist individuals to participate as responsible, valued and contributing members of Omani society. In this respect ITTS assists in the development of knowledge, skills and services. The guiding goals of ITTS are as follows:

To provide field relevant training and development programs and other learning resource materials in facilitating the personal and professional development of staff, and individuals.

To develop policies, processes and the commitment of resources to support the improvement of services to individuals through presentations at conferences, participation in national and international networks.

To collaborate with others in undertaking and disseminating information arising from applied research demonstration projects as a means to both enhance the effectiveness of services delivered, and to potentially contribute to delivery system changes within the field.

To provide consulting services in facilitating change, team building and other related organizational development activities in contributing to the effective and efficient delivery of services to individuals.