Pipe Fitter


To enable trainees to be a professional Pipe fitter with efficient skills and knowledge.

    Main Units

  • Introduction to pipe fitter job
  • Measuring and marking out tools
  • Hand skills
  • Cutting and joining of pipes
  • Metallic and nonmetallic materials used in pipelines and valve types
  • Grinding principles
  • Grinding machine accessories – lubricants and lubrication
  • Basics of welding
  • Tools used in installation and assembly of pipes
  • Different fitting works
  • Pipe bending (manual and hydraulic)
  • installation grinding wheel – Fixing the ends of grinding machines
  • Chamfering and finishing processes
  • Edge preparation using grinding machines
  • Materials keeping and inventorying
  • Configure and set the electrical arc to work - Maintain the length of electric arc
  • Arc welding works and positions
  • different types of welding machines
  • Gas cutting and welding - Assembling and setup of Oxy-acetylene machines
  • Gas Welding and cutting of steel pipes
  • Welding of steel pipes with oxyacetylene
  • Test of pipeline using air pressure


  • Communicate inEnglish language.
  • Calculate technical mathematics.
  • Work on general Computer application.
  • Explain and apply health and safety procedures while working to maintain a safe working atmosphere.
  • Design and interpret engineering drawings and communicating technical information.
  • Illustrate measuring and marking techniques.
  • Demonstrate hand skills in cutting and joining of pipes.
  • Describe the metallic and non-metallic materials used in pipelines and valve types.
  • Describe grinding machine, principles, accessories and lubrication.
  • Install grinding wheels and fix the ends of grinding machines.
  • Perform basic welding operations.
  • Describe and demonstrate installation and assembly of pipes.
  • Describe different fitting and pipe fitting works.
  • Demonstrate chamfering, finishing and preparing the edges.
  • Describe different types of welding machines.
  • Illustrate arc welding and positions.
  • Perform welding and cutting using oxy acetylene machines.
  • Do weld steel pipes using oxy acetylene machine.
  • Describe and demonstrate pipeline testing using air pressure.