Upon completion of the training program, the trainee will be able to: Achieves the requirements of the program of sanitary installations.

    Main Units

  • Introduction
  • Tools, Equipment and instruments
  • Basic of Iron Pipes
  • Basic of copper Pipes
  • Basic of plastic Pipes(PVC)
  • PPR Pipes
  • PEX pipes
  • Installation the Sanitary works
  • Extension and installation the sewage


    Upon completion of the training program, the trainee must be able to:
  • Conveying material, equipment and tools to the site, processing materials and the instruments to carry out the work of extension and maintenance of hot and cold water systems, domestic sewerage systems.
  • Prepare the path of hot and cold water network systems and sewage networks, , and processing sites installation of equipment according to the executive plans, and the processing of pipes and equipment for installation.
  • Drilling of water and sewer systems networks, opening holes for pipes in walls and ceilings, and fixing protection.
  • Fixing the pipe lengths and diameters, cutting of the iron and the plastic tubes, fitting, fixing, bending and forming, and connecting them with the connecting joints or using the thermal soldering devices, isolating the concealed inner tubes and the exposed exterior, of the plumbing systems.
  • The installation of hot and cold water networks with steel pipes, installation of sewerage networks with plastic pipes, installation of the basins and laundries, and connecting them to the sewerage pipe networks, the installation of latrines, drains, and water heaters, connecting them to hot water domestic water networks, installation of water saving parts, valves and faucets, installing water tanks, water pumps and connecting them to water networks.
  • Maintenance of Water systems, cold and hot water systems, sewage systems and solar heaters Apply the procedures and instructions for HSE.