Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an essential part of the development of institutions, which requires to apply local and international accreditation standards in order to keep pace with education and competition policies in the era of globalization. Therefore, quality procedures and applications are no longer an option but rather an important necessity for the continuity of excellence among universities. The institute graduates compete in a global market, which requires measuring their outputs and developing them to implement international quality standards.

In this way, ITTS seeks to develop and apply quality to improve the efficiency of its employees and to ensure the quality of the outputs of its academic programs. The Institutes is work hard to provide an efficient teaching staff supported by an effective administrative and technical body, to provide a distinguished learning environment, and to develop competencies capable of innovation, creativity and competition in the local, regional and international markets.

ITTS is committed to "preparing graduates with knowledge, , skills, values, motivation for lifelong learning and the ability to meet the demands of the times." The ITTS works to document quality procedures, monitor activities, measure learning outcomes, and use this information to reach the highest levels of quality.