Scaffolding Erection & Dismantling


The aim of this module is to enable the candidate to:

  • maintain safe working conditions
  • adopt safe procedures for themselves and others
  • Maintain and sharpen tools
  • select and use tools in a correct and safe manner
  • Interpret construction drawings of scaffolding
  • develop basic scaffolding erection and dismantling techniques.

The use of national/local regulations and working practices must be included in all practical competences.

    Main Units

  • Introduction to the construction industry
  • Introduction to the Instruments & hand tools
  • Basic construction works
  • Principles of the work and use belts in heights
  • Basic working skills of mobile ladders and wooden scaffolding
  • Basic working skills of the metal Scaffolding


    The candidate will be able to follow safe working practices and conditions the candidate must be able to do the following:

    • Carry out safe working practices to prevent hazards and to ensure the safety of working personnel and members of the public
    • Inspect for faults, setup and safely use steps and ladder sin general use
    • Setup safety barriers around scaffold platforms to protect working personnel and member sof the public
    • Select and use protective clothing and safety equipment fo specific tasks
    • Use and store materials in a safe manner.
      The candidate will be able to maintain and use tools safely The candidate must be able to do the following:
    • Sharpen, set and to handsaws
    • Sharpen and hone chisels and plane blades
    • Assemble handplanes readyforuse.
    • Cut timber,plywood,materialsbyhandusing thecorrect tools. Cut:egmarking, measurement
    • Select,use, clean and storehandtoolstoconstruct, erect and dismantlescaffolding.
    • Select,use, clean and store portable power tools.
    • Cut achase andapipehole inabrickor block wall usinghand tools.
    • Identify differentmaterials andtoolsusedfor erectingbasic scaffolding
      The candidate will be able to erect anddismantle basic scaffolding safely
      The candidate must be able to do the following:
    • Interpret information provided in scaffolding drawings
    • Mark out the area to erect scaffold as per the drawing
    • Check the stability of the ground/foundation/base on which scaffold will be erected
    • Check different materials and tools required for erecting scaffolding
    • Safely erect basic scaffolding in compliance with industry standards
    • Select different tools required for dismantling scaffolding components carefully without damage
    • Safely dismantle basic scaffolds
      The candidate will understand safe working practices in the workplace
      The candidate must be able to do the following:
    • Describe the Duties and responsibilities of competent scaffolds as per industry standards
    • Statemethodsofhazardprevention.
    • Describe thesafe useofsimplescaffold platforms
    • Describefaults,possiblehazardsanddangerouspracticeswhenusingladders, scaffolds, gangways,hand rails,steps.
    • Describethepurposeanduseofbarriersandwarningsigns/lightstoprotect workingpersonnelandmembersof thepublicfromaccidents.
    • Describe thepurposeofusingprotectiveclothingandsafety equipment.
    • List different typesoftoxic materials
    • Describetheeffects,preventativeandremedialactionstobetakeninthecaseof
      Thecandidatewillunderstandtypesofbasicscaffoldingand relevanttoolsandmaterials Thecandidatemustbeabletodothefollowing:
    • Describedifferenttypes of basicscaffolding
    • Describehowtouseandmaintainscaffolding tools
    • Describehowtostorematerialsina safemanne