Welcome Statement

Innovative, Interdisciplinary, International Dear prospective trainees, parents and visitors

On behalf of the Institute of technical Training Services (ITTS), I would like to welcome you to our official website.

The Institute of technical Training Services, with its main locations in Muscat, is a Training Institute that connected to the world with modern auditoriums, seminar rooms, lecture halls, workshops, language centers, libraries, canteens etc., experiencing student life and pursuing recognized skills in our many programmes.

We currently offer many specialization, including the engineering, and commercial training programs. Our multidisciplinary curricula combine a solid practical and methodological training with regular opportunities to put the training into real market needs, labs and exercises designed to prepare students for their future careers.


is a Certified Training Provider recognized by MOM, NTF, PDO, OPAL, and LNG, and accredited training institute from many international accreditation bodies such City and Guilds, Highfield and BTEC etc.

With the help of our partners in industry, we provide secure job opportunities for the trainees after graduation in long terms funded programmes.

Our modes of study provide opportunities

to earn national and international certifications and skills degrees. Moreover our international certification programs taught in English, we draw trainers from around the world. The result is an institute ingrained with a vibrant international culture and a rich, intercultural exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge.

As a dynamic institution of training, (ITTS) strive for a meaningful transfer of knowledge and practical experience by maintaining close cooperation with the market, from medium sized enterprises to large multinational corporations.

We’re regularly open our doors to the public, our events not only provide insight into student life and our training programmes, but also offer a way to share our knowledge with the community.

I encourage you to explore these pages and get to know us, our training programmes, our goals and events for both trainees and non-trainees alike. We look forward to seeing you in the future.

  • Salim Saleh Al Siyabi
  • Chairman
  • Institute of technical Training Services (ITTS)